Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Opening 2013...with award!

After Xmas holiday in Italy we got back with a full rhythm with  winter works and we received the results of the competition "Catavinum World Wine & Spirits 2013" held in Vitoria-Gasteiz ... a really good news. Opening the e-mail we read:

"El Concurso [...] acaba de publicar los resultados de la cata de vinos y licores del mundo de la edición 2013. Para la realización del concurso se cataron un total de 1839 vinos y licores, de los cuales, obtuvieron medalla y su correspondiente diploma 549. Al certamen se presentaron vinos de más de 20 países" (The competition [...] has just published the results of 2013 edition of wines and spirits tasting. For the competition have tasted a total of 1839 wines and spirits, of which 549 have been awarded medals and relevant certificate. There were wines presented from more than 20 countries).

Well ... You can find the awards at www.catavinum.net/cwwsc, but we can tell you that ours 3D3 2011 and CA'VERNET 2011 have both received the silver medal in the category of red wines. A pride for our first vintage! Here you have certificates...

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